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William & Reed Academy maintains a very clear set of goals for students to master before graduation. 

Academic Knowledge and Skills

A William & Reed Academy Graduate:

  • Is academically competitive and prepared for college-level work, having mastered a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

  • Cultivates academic self-reliance, independent thinking, and leadership.

  • Thinks about and gives consideration to their specific individual learning style, examines personal strengths and weaknesses, and accepts constructive criticism.


A William & Reed Academy Graduate:

  • Communicates clearly, accurately, persuasively, creatively, and effectively through written and spoken words, as well as through technological and aesthetic means.

  • Is proficient in communicating in a public setting.

  • Develops and defends personal views based on research and life experience.



A William & Reed Academy Graduate:

  • Works ethically to balance individual rights and responsibilities with the rights of the community and the greater good.

  • Understands and embraces the value that it is better to “do right” than to “be right.”

  • Takes responsibility for personal actions and accepts the outcomes of those actions.

  • Uses their individual strengths and talents in the service of others.

  • Is able to be productive in a group setting, exhibiting patience and leadership.


Life Skills

A William & Reed Academy Graduate:

  • Has developed and practices “time integrity;” is able to manage his/her academic time, personal commitments, and family time effectively, understanding that being on time and honoring deadlines is essential to being successful, both personally and professionally.

  • Works actively to set, evaluate, and achieve written short-term and long-term goals.


Thinking and Learning 

A William & Reed Academy Graduate:

  • Asks relevant questions, makes reasoned inferences, and constructs logical arguments.

  • Understands and appreciates academic and creative processes through observation, study, and practice.

  • Evokes critical thinking in self and others.



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