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  2023-2024 TUITION & FEES



  • Regular Day (12:30 p.m. release) $12,650

    • 4 Core Academic Classes (4 Carnegie Units) and 1 Online Elective or $500 towards an off-campus elective if student isn't taking face-to-face Spanish.


  • Regular Day w/Flex Period (2:00 p.m. release) $14,900

    • 4 Core Academic Classes (4 Carnegie Units) and 1 Online Elective or $500 towards an off-campus elective if student isn't taking face-to-face Spanish

  • Regular Day w/Face-to-Face Spanish (3:00 p.m. release) $15,400

    • 4 Core Academic Classes (4 Carnegie Units) and face-to-face Spanish (I, II, or III)

    • Includes Flex Period Daily (two days from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. and two days from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.).



  • Application Fee: $150 (non-refundable)

  • Enrollment Deposit: $1,650 (non-refundable, non-prorated) 

  • Curriculum & Participation Fee: $500 (Includes digital textbooks, photocopying, yearbook, class-level field trips, t-shirt, in-school activities) 

  • Tuition Protection Fee: $400 (optional if paying Annually)



  •  Advanced Placement Courses require an additional $500/yearly course (face-to-face) or $300/semester course (face-to-face).
  • Additional Online Class is $1,200 per year or $750 per semester course.

    • If online course is a lab and/or an Advanced Placement (AP) course, parent is responsible for any additional fees associated with the course.

  • Optional FLEX/5th Period - Additional $30/day for drop-in students.

  • Off-Campus Electives:

    • Students taking an off-campus elective, in addition to an online elective (or extended day Spanish/French) as part of their yearly tuition, will need to pay the fees for off-campus electives.  

    • Students taking an off-campus elective in lieu of an online class or face-to-face Spanish may have a portion of their yearly tuition (up to $500) applied towards the cost of an off-campus elective.  

    • Fees for off-campus electives currently range from $400-$1,000 (Art, Music, Dance etc.)

  • Minimester Fees for outside of school programs (Drama, Drivers Education, etc.) – currently costing between $250 - $600

  • Field Trips - T.B.D.

  • Optional After-school Transportation to organized after-school activities: $150-$250/month (restrictions apply)



  • Multiple Students Per Family: 15% tuition discount per student in each family and ONLY applies towards regular day tuition for students.  The discount may not be applied to any fees, off-campus electives, or extended day options (Flex Period, face-to-face Spanish, online Spanish or French with a facilitator, etc.).



  • William & Reed Academy offers financial scholarships through GaSSO and Arete Scholars for students based on need.  These scholarships are based on funds being available.


All contracts and financial obligations are for the entire academic year.  Families not paying Annually are required to pay a Tuition Protection Fee of $400.  If a student withdraws before the end of the school year (for any reason), the Tuition Protection Fee will cover half all remaining unpaid tuition for the year.


For students enrolling after August, tuition will be calculated based on the monthly tuition amount for all remaining months of school (including the current month of enrollment in its entirety) PLUS the full curriculum Fee and full Enrollment Deposit (these two fees are not prorated).

Day 4 (1).JPG


Upon acceptance, your child's attendance is a yearlong commitment and a $1,650 non-refundable deposit is required.   This deposit will be applied towards your child's tuition (or a portion of your child's tuition if you enroll after August; this deposit is not prorated if your child enrolls after August). All fees are due by July 1st or at time of enrollment if after July 1st.  This includes curriculum fee/textbooks, any additional online classes, Advanced Placement fees, etc.



Flex Period and Extended Day Spanish fees are not included in below payment schedules.

Annual Payment Schedule:

  • Full Year’s tuition ($12,650) will be due by July 1st, OR $11,000 after enrollment deposit is applied towards tuition.  


*Semester Payment Schedule:

  • $5,500 per semester after $1,650 enrollment deposit is applied towards tuition.

  • First Semester’s tuition ($5,500) will be due by July 1st.

  • Second Semester’s tuition ($5,500) will be due by December 1st.


*Monthly Payment Schedule (10 months):

  • Payments due from July 1st - April 1st ($1,100/month) after $1,650 Enrollment deposit is applied towards tuition.


*Families choosing to pay Monthly or by Semester are required to participate in ACH drafts.  

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