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Academically Accelerated Students

Discover new knowledge with concentrated 6th-12th grade education. 

Have you shortchanged your preparation?

Check out why your current school may not be working for you

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Not Enough Hours

Staying up until the wee hours of the morning trying to get your work done. Driven to cultivate your talent but hard to get in the hours you want.

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Stuck on the Wrong Path

Destined to stay in a learning track determined by class placement choices made years ago

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Overwhelmed Leaders

Teachers who can no longer practice their love of teaching students, lack of classroom control, pressured to pass poor performers through

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Lack of Direction

Surrounded by others who don't care about learning. Stuck in an outdated model of school designed to produce compliant factory workers.

Satisfy Your Thirst for Learning

When it comes to high-achieving students, they don't want to be held back in any way. In order to do that they need a school designed with the academic rigor that allows deep and meaningful learning in an environment where students are not shuffled through.

The problem is too many parents settle for the status quo when they don't know other options exist. Traditional schools may not offer the desired class, requiring travel to other campuses. When learning doesn't take place at school students are often left to teach themselves when they get home.


Private schools offer challenges with high tuition, unreasonable guidelines, and competitive cultures. Home schools or hybrid schools can lack diversity in social interaction to prepare students for their next level of learning. Academic rigor is not defined by quantity of work.  

Quality instruction, focused learning and the intentional connection students need to soar academically does exist. When parents feel compelled to provide their child with the best education possible they need a school designed specifically for today's students. It must offer more than a one-size-fits all solution.


William & Reed Academy offers an affordable way for academically-accelerated students to advance and engage in the type of learning they crave. Students receive more face-to-face core academic instruction during a concentrated school week than most other school alternatives. They leave behind the fluff and distractions of a traditional school schedule and become part of a community that celebrates their value and recognizes untapped potential. 

Award-winning, certified teachers engage students in higher-level thinking skills by drawing out their best and asking the questions that cause them to think in different ways. Students are empowered to find their voice and express their opinions in a place where learning is safe, self-awareness is cultivated, and they feel like they belong.

Three Steps to a New Tomorrow

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Check it Out

Schedule a tour and follow-up with a Shadow Day experience.

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Complete the application packet for enrollment consideration.

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Prepare for Your Future

Discover how knowledge is a pathway to possibilities. Find the time to pursue new thoughts and ideas.

"My former school was very competitive. It wasn't about learning. It was more about getting the best grades. The focus was on comparing grades and talk about who could take the most AP classes. I got tired of the game. Now, I get to learn and express my opinion in a place that allows me to be a better student.- 11th grade student, William & Reed Academy

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