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I would like to personally thank you for considering William & Reed Academy as your child's school. William & Reed Academy is an incredible school where students are challenged while enjoying learning and developing their academic skills to be successful in college.  When parents inquire about W&R Academy, I simply say, “We have assembled the best teachers from the best schools and have created a small-class environment where students have teacher accessibility and a voice in the classroom.”  Further, our vision evolves around independent thinking and problem solving.


As William & Reed Academy’s Head of School, it is imperative that I support teachers and give them everything needed to ensure that students are successful in the classroom and beyond.  The key to a thriving school is to hire amazing teachers and give them everything they need to do their job successfully.  Our vision is to have students not only graduate with the ability to thrive academically, but for students to develop and defend personal views based on research and life experience, to make sound decisions, to be productive in a group setting while exhibiting patience and leadership, and finally to be a positive addition to their community.


As you explore all of the possibilities for your child’s education, we would be honored to meet with you and your child and answer any questions you may have about William & Reed Academy.  I firmly believe that families need to find the right fit for their child, both academically and financially; we are here to help with that process regardless of William & Reed Academy being your child’s school of choice. 

Hunter Reed Cluthe

Hunter Reed Cluthe,​ Ed.S.

Head of School

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