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Student Athletes

W&R Academy's non-traditional schedule gives student athletes an option for a first-class education without sacrificing instructional time or teacher credentials.

Accredited College Prep Curriculum

W&R offers students a rigorous accredited college preparatory curriculum, taught by experienced certified teachers, combined with online electives, a college dual enrollment option, and 20 Advanced Placement courses.

Dual Enrollment

W&R offers eligible students a Dual Enrollment option, which gives W&R students the option to graduate with college credits. W&R students, who meet the academic requirements, are eligible to take part in the Move On When Ready (MOWR) program.


William & Reed is a fully accredited private school with high academic standards, attendance standards, and top-notch experienced certified teachers.  With class sizes on the rise, compounded by teachers being overwhelmed with a constantly changing curriculum and additional bureaucracy, many families are looking for an alternative for their children to obtain the academic skills and work ethic necessary to be accepted to and competitive in a top college. William & Reed Academy offers students a higher caliber accredited college preparatory academic experience for grades 6-12, giving families both flexibility and choice.


All academic core classes at W&R Academy are taught face-to-face at our Johns Creek campus while students take elective courses online with our fully accredited online partner school, Pearson Connexus. W&R students have the option to earn additional credits with through Pearson Connexus, our minimester program, and our Dual Enrollment program with Georgia Perimeter College.


Because W&R has partnered with one of the top online fully accredited (nationally recognized) schools, we are able to offer students a vast amount of courses including 20 Advanced Placement courses.  W&R Academy students are able to apply to colleges knowing that the rigor in their schedule has provided both academic growth and confidence. On average, 45% of college students are enrolled in at least one online course at any given time.  We believe it is imperative to offer students online classes with the necessary support to help them develop a working understanding of the challenges and flexibility that online courses offer.  In conjunction with students' online classes, we offer students an optional "Flex Period" which allows students to stay after school to work on their online course or get help with in-class material in a teacher-supervised environment.

W&R Academy views online education as an important and relevant tool to supplement our face-to-face classroom curriculum, exposing students to what is now standard protocol in college;  this also allows us to offer students many more course options normally not available in traditional schools (i.e. - Mandarin Chinese, Latin, Advanced Placement Courses, Forensic Science, etc.).  


  • Students attend W&R on a full-time basis, taking all of their academic and elective courses through W&R.

  • Students attend face-to-face academic core classes during a 4-day school week (Mon-Thurs) from the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. with an optional "Flex Period" (additional fees apply) which ends daily at 2:00 p.m. or have the option to take a face-to-face World Language elective until 4:00 p.m.

  • Students take electives online with our fully accredited online partner or in the community with our local business partners (Johns Creek Arts Center, Atlanta Workshop Players, School of Rock, Drive Smart Georgia, Susan Chambers Performing Arts, etc.).  

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