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Athletes, Artists, & Career-Minded Students

6th - 12th Grade College Preparatory Education Structured with Your Future in Mind.

What are you sacrificing when it comes to your education?

Check out why your current school may not be working for you

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Not Enough Hours

Staying up until the wee hours of the morning trying to get your work done. Driven to cultivate your talent but hard to get in the hours you want.

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Homework Police on Call

Paying for online courses or take-home curriculum with parents expected to monitor and grade 

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Distractions Get in the Way

Too many students, lack of accountability, technology addiction, and wasted time in the day lead to unproductive outcomes

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What's Family Time? 

Continually on the run crossing paths, friction in the family due to overscheduling and exhaustion

Positioning You for Success

High performance teenage athletes, artists and career-minded students need to know their education positions them to reach their full potential at the next level.

In order to do that they need a school that maximizes class time for strong academic preparation to blend with large blocks of time for training. 

It can be a challenge when there are few options available. Online classes don't engage students and often burdens parents to supervise and monitor progress. Hybrid schools limit classroom instruction, expecting students to take home curriculum packets for parents to grade. Traditional schools are a one-size-fits-all option with most of the learning taking place at the end of the day after your training is done. 

Critical social interaction needed during these years is limited. Parents question if they are doing the best for their child but don't know where to turn. Students feel exhausted when they don't have the time to give their best effort and are often forced into schools ill-equipped to serve them well.


William & Reed Academy offers an affordable way to achieve strong academic preparation with time to cultivate talents and skills. Families of enrolled students develop a camaraderie with others who understand the definition of true dedication, as well as knowing the challenges that come when dealing with injuries, setbacks, and the pressures of public high performance. Check out why athletes, artists and career-minded students have found a school designed for them.

Three Steps to a New Tomorrow

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Check it Out

Schedule a tour and follow-up with a Shadow Day experience.

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Complete the application packet for enrollment consideration.

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Prepare for Your Future

Join a community of students who enjoy learning while at school and developing the skills and self-awareness for their future.

"I dance 20 hours a week and was staying up until 1:00 AM and then getting up at 4:00 AM to finish. It was making me sick. At William & Reed you get your life back. Before I had no time for a social life but now I get my work done and no longer suffer from FOMO."

- 11th grade student, William & Reed Academy

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