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After much research, we chose William & Reed Academy for my daughter’s high school years. She just completed her first year at W&R and she could not have asked for a better 9th grade experience!  We initially chose the school for its flexibility, as our daughter dances every day after school. The schedule allows her to excel in academics and still have time for dance and normal teen life.


We liked the customized education for her so much that her younger brother will be joining her at W & R next school year.


We are excited to be a part of this school and would recommend it to anyone.


Jennifer S.- parent of a 10th grade student

I started attending William and Reed Academy in 8th grade. My favorite parts about going to this school include the shorter school days, the small class sizes, and the unique way William & Reed introduces extracurriculars such as health, technology, and entrepreneurship. Because of the smaller class size, it is very easy to get involved in different clubs and organizations at William & Reed. I was part of student council, the literary magazine, and the newly added squash team.


William & Reed is much different from the schools I have attended in the past. The amount of time students spend at school is much shorter, and every class is small, making it easier to learn and to get the help you need. Students at this school are also much friendlier than what I experienced in public school. Everyone gets along, and everyone works together both inside and outside of the classroom. The unique and helpful learning environment makes me as a student want to work harder and perform better than I did at any other school.


Kailin N.- current 10th grade student

Although my son just started at W&R toward the end of his sophomore year, we can already tell after three months, that it was the best decision we could have made. The teachers helped him to make a smooth transition and made him feel welcome from the start. Their teaching styles and ability to explain concepts make sense in a way that his public school teachers never did. He no longer has a need for tutors and feels so much more confident. Our only regret is that he didn't start at W&R his freshman year.


Lisa C.- parent of an 11th grade student

I started attending William & Reed second semester of my junior year; January 2018. I love the shortened days and week because we don’t waste time in the classroom; I’m able to work directly with my teachers in a small environment which allows us to have meaningful discussions without wasting time.  

William & Reed is a unique school, the small classrooms allow me to ask questions, start discussions and own my education while having excellent teachers instructing and supporting me. I have been challenged at William & Reed more so than any school I have attended.  I am free to engage in discussions I would normally avoid because I would not have felt my opinion has validity or was respected and shared. My teachers challenge me to look beyond what is right in front of me and to make use of the more critical thinking skills. I feel that each and every teacher truly cares, and wants me to not only exceed academically but in life to the best of my ability.


Kaitlyn M.- current 12th grade student

Our daughter transferred from a well respected North Fulton high school during her junior year.  As parents, we became concerned with the lack of teacher/student attention she was receiving especially in her AP and Honors classes.  As a mother, I have been very involved in the schools that my children attended; this school was no exception. During the fall of 2017 (beginning of our daughter's Junior year), I began to see a lot of changes in the curriculum and Kaitlyn had become academically complacent.  I also began to notice that some of the teachers from Centennial (Kristin Sumner, Jessica Taylor, Taylor Messick) that I held in high regard were leaving to teach at William & Reed Academy. I decided to message Kristin Sumner to ask why and inquire about how W&R could challenge Kaitlyn who was already a great student.


I love that W&R has a highly concentrated college prep curriculum. Our daughter is self-motivated so the teacher/student ratio fits perfectly for her. Without making her feel singled out in a small classroom environment, she is challenged to rise to the top of her class. The concentrated school hours/days do not allow for wasted time, time that I feel is entirely wasted in other schools.  Kevin and I highly recommend William & Reed Academy whenever we get the opportunity because we see firsthand how it has allowed our daughter to be challenged academically and work independently while having direct access to her teachers, counselor, and administrators.


Kevin and Lori S.- parents of a 12th grade student

I started at William & Reed my freshmen year. My favorite parts about attending William & Reed are the teachers and the flexible time that allows me to get involved with other interests. The teachers really care about my success and are more than willing to help me out (shout out to Mrs. Messick; she is the best)!

Aside from academics, I have been involved with cross country, journalism, and student council. Cross country and journalism give students a great opportunity to bond with classmates. In addition, student council is a lot of fun, and you host prom and participate in community events. It’s mainly run by students for students which is super nice.


The main difference between William & Reed and other schools that I've attended is the focused classroom environment with small class size and how teachers value your time. Being in school from 8-12:30 with no school on Friday is like a dream!


When I first came to W&R, I was not the best student (I was maybe the funniest though). I am beyond thankful for my teachers not giving up on me. I worked hard and raised all of my grades. I believe teachers at William & Reed are the best; they do not stress you out too much, they actually get to know you, and most of all, they believe in you. I can't thank them enough!


Avery H.- current 10th grade student

We were first interested in William & Reed because of the vision to restore balance in the lives of students and families. Before attending William & Reed, my daughter had to sacrifice sleep in order to keep up with school and pursue her passion for dance and performing arts.  The streamlined, daily schedule alone transformed our family’s life! The authentic passion for education and love of students displayed by the faculty was an added bonus.  We cannot imagine going back to a traditional education model at this point. Thank you for having a vision for how education should be and putting forth the effort every day to make it happen!


Jana M.- parent of a 10th grade student and Class of 2018 Alumnus

Our daughter Alexa started at W&R in the 2017-18 school year as a rising freshman.  My wife and I have never been overly focused on our children overacheiving at school and bringing home straight A's.  We certainly would love to see Alexa get mostly A’s and occasional B’s, but our focus has always been the Alexa “giving her best effort” and developing good academic/study habits.  We want our children to have a strong work ethic to put themselves in a position to get the best possible results. W&R shares these values, which is what we love about W&R!

From our first interaction with Mr. Cluthe at the open house in July of 2017, we absolutely love W&R’s approach to school. It was a fresh and progressive approach we had not experienced anywhere else. Yes, academics matter for sure, but W&R brings so much more; they create a teaching environment that goes beyond academics and has taught Alexa life skills as well. It’s a positive and healthy culture that’s infectious and has definitely resonated with Alexa and our family!


Alexa had gone through the (North) Fulton public school system from 1st through 8th grade and it was clear that public high school would be a good fit for her.  To be honest, our first choice FORTUNATELY didn’t accept her which was a blessing! As Garth Brooks once sang… “Thank God for unanswered prayers.”  W&R has been a wonderful experience for Alexa and has enhanced her academic and personal growth journey!




Gil M.- parent of a 10th grade student

At our local middle school, our daughter was in large classes where she was unable to learn and grow the way we knew she could. We wanted to find a school that had a challenging academic curriculum along with an environment that would help foster her confidence and leadership skills. We have found that and so much more at William & Reed.  

The teachers and staff are incredibly passionate, and what they teach goes beyond our expectations. William & Reed has helped our daughter understand the importance of taking initiative, has taught her how to take responsibility for her own academic success, and has given her the confidence to engage with her teachers and peers to succeed. Our daughter enrolled in William & Reed in the 8th grade, and we now have two children attending. We highly recommend this school.  


Amy N.- parent of a 10th grade student

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