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Underestimated Students 

Time is valuable. Discover the abundant potential hidden within 6th - 12th grade students.

Have you been standing on the sidelines?

Check out why your current school may not be working for you

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Silenced and Invisible

Students with talents and gifts to bring to the world that have yet to be recognized by others. Hesitant to express opinions for fear of judgment.

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Pressured Filled Environments

Tired of feeling pressured to fit into a mold of social performance beyond your development, ethics, and morals. 

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Distractions Get in the Way

Too many students, lack of accountability, technology addiction, and wasted time in the day lead to unproductive outcomes

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Worried About the Future

Will they be ready to handle the independence and academic expectations of a college environment? 

You Deserve More Credit

When it comes to your child's education, you want them to see and experience school as something more than a place to put in their time until they graduate. They need to be as prepared as possible for the future. 

When students fly under the radar of little accountability they start to disengage and find little inspiration to learn. Large classrooms and plentiful distractions make it easy to coast by or check out.  

This is a story of missed opportunities. Your child deserves more.

It doesn't have to be this way. School should be a place that ignites learning, cultivates self-awareness, and invites students into feeling like a valuable member of the school community. 

William & Reed Academy offers an affordable option for a school that works for today’s students. These students are searching for someone to lead them. It starts by showing students that someone cares about if they come to school and the work they do when they are there. 


It is focused class time demanding the most out of them with accountability and commitment to help draw out their potential and cultivate the soft skills they’ll need to navigate their future. 

It is setting the bar high for students to rise to teacher’s expectations. Students value a meaningful and relevant school day and actually enjoy academic challenge and success.  

Three Steps to a New Tomorrow

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Check it Out

Schedule a tour and follow-up with a Shadow Day experience.

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Complete the application packet for enrollment consideration.

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Prepare for Your Future

Realize there is a new future ahead of you through increased self-awareness and newly-found confidence.

"In my other school there was a lot of freedom to pretty much do what you want. We never got anything done. At William & Reed, it was different. The people were nice, students get lots of attention and I felt comfortable asking questions. The teachers look happy to be here too.

-11th grade student, William & Reed Academy

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