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Bachelor of Science in Education- NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY


"I'll be honest when I was in school, I didn't enjoy learning or even enjoy what I was learning. I did have some great and memorable teachers and for that I am thankful! Now as an adult I have found that I love learning anything new and the best way for me to learn is to also teach it! There is so much in this world to learn about and understand! I love the idea of figuring out how to break it down and make a difficult concept easy to understand. I am excited to be a middle school teacher! I can't wait to dive in and teach my students more content that I find interesting and will hopefully pass this on to them as well! I hope they ask questions, I hope they feel excited to learn something new or in a different way as I do. I want that to be conveyed in all my classes. The ability to have smaller classes at W&R allows me to create more in-depth content. I hope to have more project-based activities in my Social Studies classrooms and get my students thinking and working together.

I have been married to my husband Mark since 2000. We lived in Chicago and in the suburbs until moving to Georgia in 2015. We have two teens, Justin and Charlotte. I enjoy any outside activities, like tennis, hiking and walking. I also teach Pilates, I love movement, being healthy, and staying injury-free. I also enjoy reading, my favorite genre is historical fiction.

I am excited to be back in the classroom at W&R, especially teaching middle school! We will have a lot of fun and we will learn a lot together!"


Social Studies Teacher


William & Reed Academy

  • 6th Grade Social Studies

  • 7th Grade Social Studies

  • 8th Grade Social Studies


Cossitt Elementary School

  • Third Grade Teacher

Valley View Elementary School

  • Second Grade Teacher

Evergreen Park School District

  • Gifted Facilitator



Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor, Served on Staff Development and Gifted Committees

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