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Theo Economos

Georgia Teacher Certification:  English 6-12



Master of Arts in Teaching- MERCER UNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Science, Business Management- AUBURN UNIVERSITY 


"My writing courses are designed to develop educated, independent thinkers. My students learn how to formulate their own ideas through their own imaginative thought and through research-driven analysis. We look at the world from many different perspectives. We examine both works of fiction and nonfiction. We examine how gestures and silence enhance dialogue. We develop characters with clear intentions and obstacles. We discuss the difference between flat and round characters. We develop a model for our characters from what we know and experience in our own world. We make the two interchangeable. We create lifelike people, places, and scenarios that only exist in the student’s own imagination. We learn how to shape universal themes in our writing. Hopefully, the student internalizes whatever universal truths we reveal, so that they can apply their own meaning and purpose to the material. By making it their own, they see themselves in what they discover through the writing and then apply the lessons to their own lives. 

I love to teach mythology and philosophy to young learners. The Grail journey is one of my favorites. In the Grail legends, the land of people doing what they think they ought to do or have to do is the wasteland. To live in the wasteland is to live a life without any challenges, risk, or purpose.What gives my work purpose is the opportunity to help as many people as I can move forward in their pursuit to discover and fulfill their purpose in life. 

The greatest sense of purpose in my life comes from my family. I’m honored to share this life with my lovely wife Brittany, our daughter Madeleine, and our three cats - Luna, Otis, and Gunnar. I am beyond thrilled to work with the amazing people at William & Reed Academy and hope to find my place and purpose with such a talented group of people. "


Language Arts Teacher


William & Reed Academy

  • Middle School and High School English Classes


Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

  • Writing and Grammar Teacher

Johns Creek High School

  • AP Language and Composition

  • AP Literature and Composition

Collins Hill High School

  • English Teacher

  • Social Studies Teacher


Soccer, Cross Country, and Shooting Clays Coach; Teacher of the Year Finalist (2011-2012)

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