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Georgia Teacher Certification:  English 6-12; Spanish K-12



Master of Education English Education - PIEDMONT COLLEGE

Bachelor of Arts Spanish/English Education - TROY UNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Arts Spanish Education - UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA


“My interest in the classroom began at an early age in the elementary school where my father was principal. I remember feeling “ownership” of the school and the learning process, and I fell in love with all of the creative possibilities that could come to life with the right atmosphere. Fortunately, I had a couple of teachers that could see beyond my sometimes distracting behavior and address this passion with firm leadership and a caring nature. I have never forgotten the impact of their influence and have determined to carry that spirit of teaching into my classroom over the years.

During my years in public education, I have noticed a growing complacency, fatigue, and anxiety in the student population.  Most teachers can easily identify the reasons for these negative factors that affect learning in a big way, but it is difficult to overcome all of these factors in the context of large classes, an extremely tough schedule and a changing culture. Hunter Cluthe and I met in 1996 as teachers in the same school, and have had many opportunities to discuss these things over the years. I have been able to observe Hunter’s journey of going from seeking an educational alternative to actually creating the alternative.


Spanish Teacher

I know personally that William & Reed Academy is the result of many years of preparation and the assembling of a wonderfully gifted, caring and creative staff. I am excited beyond measure to be a part of this journey!”


William & Reed Academy

  • Spanish I, II

  • Online Spanish I, II, III, IV

Fulton County Public Schools - Independence High School, Milton High School, Northview High School             

  • Spanish I, II & III teacher  

  • Language Arts instructor  

  • International Day Coordinator  

  • Sponsor, Male Mentoring Program  

  • Spanish Club Sponsor


Gwinnett County Schools - Gwinnett Online Campus, North Gwinnett High School, Phoenix High School, South Gwinnett High School

  • Spanish I, II, III, IV & V Teacher  

  • International Day Coordinator  

  • Spanish Honor Society Sponsor

  • English Teacher                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Teacher of the year candidate – Independence High School – 2016  •  Runner Up Teacher of the Year- Independence high School 2015  •  Recipient Atlanta Toyota Gwinnett's Most Inspiring Teachers Award 2005  •  Named Teacher of the Year - South Gwinnett High School 1996  •   Presentations: “Using Rhythmic Rhyme in the Language Classroom,” 2009 Fulton County Teachers Workshop Convention and 1998 Elementary Teachers Convention, “Use of Rhythmic Rhymes, Cheers, Song, Dance and Drama in the Foreign Language Classroom”  •  “Rap, Rhythm, Rhyme & Role,” presented at 1997 & 1998 FLAG  •  Foreign Language Association of Georgia - FLAG  •  American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese ACTFL  •  Curriculum Selection & Review Committee for Foreign Language 1998-2000  •  Business Partnership Committee 1996-1998  •  County Curriculum Committee Council for the Improvement of Foreign Language Education CIFLE 1994-1996  •  English Honor Society - Troy State University 1985-1987

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