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Georgia Teacher Certification:  Science 4-12, Mathematics 4-12



Master of Science, Chemical Engineering - THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering - WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERISTY 


"As a small girl, I would 'play school,' with old textbooks, chalkboards, and other school supplies as some of my favorite toys.  Although my path to become a teacher has been more winding than others, I honestly believe that teaching is what I was born to do.  I began my career as a chemical engineer, and it is this practical experience that I incorporate in my teaching that I believe benefits my students greatly.  It was during this time that I was able to participate in various community outreach programs with local schools. Some of my favorite days were in the classrooms and this was when I discovered the pleasure of seeing the students’ “light bulb go off”.  When I moved to Atlanta in 2008, I began tutoring for 2 years before deciding to take the next step to get my teaching certification. Not many things bring a bigger smile to my face than former students coming back saying their college classes are SO EASY based on what they learned in my classes!

I am thrilled to be part of the William & Reed family!  The small class sizes and personalized attention that I can give my students is something that I missed in the public school setting.  This school exemplifies Mr. Cluthe's philosophy that education can and should be better.  Our children deserve it!


I was born and raised in West Virginia and met my husband while we were both working for Kodak. We've been married since 2007 and currently reside in Alpharetta. The other member of our family is a fuzzy poodle named Buddy, who we rescued from a local shelter.  When I’m not teaching, you will find me cheering for the Braves, Falcons, or my beloved West Virginia University Mountaineers!"



William & Reed Academy

  • AP Physics I

  • Physics 

  • Chemistry (honors and on-level)

  • 6th Grade Earth Science

  • Environmental Science

  • Physical Science

Centennial High School 

  • Physical Science

  • Chemistry (honors and on-level)

  • Physics

  • Coordinate Geometry and Advanced Algebra (Summer School)


Chattahoochee High School (Student Teacher)

  • Math I (9th Grade), Math III (11th Grade)


Science Teacher


Coached Junior Varsity competitive cheerleading and Junior Varsity sideline cheerleading;  Attended and completed the College Board AP Chemistry Summer Institute; Teacher of the Quarter - Huntington Learning Center; Eastman Kodak Company - Lean Maufacturing Support, Quality System Manager, Process Engineer, Product Engineer, and Development and Manufacturing Engineer.

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