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Georgia Teacher Certification: 4th- 8th Math and Science



Bachelor of Sciences in Middle Grades Math and Science Education- UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA

Master of Arts in Educational Psychology - UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA


"Growing up I had a wonderful experience with a few teachers in Middle School. I, as many others have, also had the less than stellar teachers. The handful of teachers that took the time on me and really showed me to think beyond, set goals, make plans and helped me reach them. Those teachers made me want to become a teacher. I didn't want to become just any teacher though, I wanted to be like them. Teaching and my students are my passion, and on top of that, I'm a huge math and science nerd! I love to teach my students, learn from my students and learn with my students. I think it is so important as educators to continue to grow, even beyond our schooling years. William & Reed Academy has proven to be a school that helps nurture and grow the education of students and teachers alike. As a teacher at William & Reed, I am able to spend more individualized time with students due to the small class sizes. School should be and can be a fun and entertaining experience. I believe this next year ahead will be just that! 


I was born in Toronto, Ontario, but grew up in Gainesville, Georgia where my husband "Coach" and I live. In May of 2018, I completed my Master's in Educational Psychology. I continue to look forward to growing as a teacher!" 



William & Reed Academy:

  • 8th Grade Physical Science

  • 6th Grade Earth Science

  • 7th Grade Life Science

Lakeview Academy

  • 6th Grade Earth Science

  • 7th Grade Life Science

  • 8th Grade Chemical & Physical Science



Director of Student Life, Athletic Director, Soccer Coach, Swim Coach, Teacher-Student Advisory Program, Math Lab Tutor, Learning Support Specialist



Science Teacher

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