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Symantec Encryption Desktop is a tool for securing user information, including email, address books, calendar, internet history, photos and personal settings. It protects files in all widely used email applications, as well as data stored in the user's PC. Created with Symantec's proven technologies, it guarantees a secure and robust data transfer.There are more than 5 million users currently using Symantec Encryption Desktop, and have generated more than 7 million keys. Symantec Encryption Desktop integrates seamlessly with other Symantec security tools such as Symantec Firewall, Symantec Encryption Manager and Threat Management Service.Download Symantec Encryption Desktop Key Features :1. Protect files in Email clients with PGP encryption2. Sign and send files over Email with PGP authentication3. Enable secure data transfer over Email4. Password protecting files and folders5. E-mail Proxying6. Set file permissions7. Shred emails and email attachments8. Encrypt files or entire drives9. Protection of confidential information10. Strong asymmetric encryption algorithms11. Automatic refresh, wipe and defrag of email files12. Active data shredding13. Password protecting virtual disks14. Create virtual disks with a user-defined keyAdditional features include:- Anti-virus on-the-fly detection of attachments and suspicious emails- Safe and easy-to-use automatic updates (patches)- Power off unwanted processes and applications- Password protecting virtual disks- Passwords can be individual or by group, with control of users and their rights to access.Additional Features :1. Powered by Symantec's proven technologies2. Virus and malware protection3. Securely store all passwords and user names in the browser4. Password protecting virtual disks5. Safe and easy-to-use automatic updates6. Run as service7. Crack prevention in games, USB keys and hardware8. Password protecting virtual disks9. Safely store user names and passwords10. Smart and secure way to manage documents and data11. Password protecting virtual disks12. Runs as service13. Crack prevention in software14. Password protecting virtual disks15. Password protecting internet activities16. Password protecting virtual disks17. Strong security protocols18. Configurable default19. Password protecting virtual disks20. Password protecting virtual disks21 08929e5ed8

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