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Class A, Alabama Teacher Certification: English Language Arts, Grades 6-12



Master of Arts in Education - University of Alabama

Bachelor of Science in Education - University of Alabama

Teaching Experience Highlights:


William & Reed Academy

AP English Literature and Composition

10th-11th Grade English Language Arts, On-Level and Honors


Marist School

AP English Language and Composition

9th Grade English Language Arts


Gregory-Portland High School

AP English Language and Composition

11th-12th Grade English Language Arts


Related Experience and Accolades:

Class Moderator, Student Council Sponsor, Habitudes Certified, NCTE Presenter, SAT Tutor and Test Facilitator


Making connections with my students through literature and writing is one of many reasons why I love being a teacher. Every student possesses a unique story and voice, and it is important to me that I provide a safe space for each to be heard. Students are the heart of my classroom; I take time to earn their trust, then I incorporate writers and texts into my lessons that pique their interests or speak to their circumstances. I love showing students the relevance of literature to their lives! It is so rewarding when that realization transforms into a passion for reading! As for writing, I make a point to listen to my students, to hear how they think and feel about the world. I give them ample opportunities to write because their voices deserve to be heard. It is such a pleasure to help students develop their own unique form of self-expression, and I love when students feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and ideas aloud. 


My passion for education began long ago and has increased tenfold over time. There is no other profession I would rather pursue, and I am honored to be part of the William & Reed family, a family whose passion for education is as deep as mine.


Language Arts Teacher

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