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The first year of high school is the best time for students to discover their interests, skills and passions; this will allow the College Counselor to better understand the student’s inner-self, thus setting the foundation for the next three years of high school. Together, the College Counselor and the student will discuss classroom placement, extracurricular activities and other opportunities that will allow the student to hone in on his or her interests. Ninth grade students can become active in the college admissions process by exploring relevant opportunities within the community, taking the PSAT, meeting with the College Counselor, researching colleges and speaking to professionals about their careers.


The second year of high school is the optimal time for students to develop & strengthen their interests and skills, as well as to grow within their community. William & Reed Academy continues the college admissions discussion with sophomores through character-building activities, informational interviewing and meetings with admissions representatives.

During their sophomore year it is recommended that students take on leadership roles and/or become heavily involved in their academics and extracurricular activities. Additionally, students should attend campus fairs, track their accomplishments (both academic and extracurricular) and remain active within their community.


The third year of high school is a critical year in terms of academic rigor; during this time a student’s grades are of utmost importance. In terms of College Counseling, each student’s junior year is devoted to designing an individualized college plan that highlights standardized test scores, academic rigor and involvement in extracurricular activities.

During this time, the College Counselor will hone in on each student’s preferences and post-secondary aspirations. Using this information, the College Counselor, along with the student, will design a college list and a detailed admissions timeline.

Senior year! The primary focus of each student’s senior year should be the delivery of his or her college applications. During the fall of their senior year, students will work on obtaining teacher recommendations, writing their personal statements and organizing their athletic/artistic portfolios if applicable. Additionally, it is important for students to continue to maintain their grades, visit college campuses and engage admissions officers during their senior year. While the college application process can be intimidating, William & Reed’s College Counselor helps to minimize potential stressors by guiding each student through the preparation and delivery of his or her college application portfolio.

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