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Post-Baccalaureate Work in Math Education - North Georgia College & State University
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management - Georgia State University

"My belief is that all students can “do math.” That belief drives my everyday teaching. Whenever I can think of more than one way to solve a problem, I will show the students different approaches. When they ask me which method I want them to use, I always tell them to use the way that makes the most sense to them. I want all of my students to believe that they really can learn math. I also like to remind them that, unlike other courses, they can often leave a test with a pretty good idea of how they did on the assessment because they can check their answers. 

What do I like about math? The exactitude and the algorithms. The precision and the creativity. The challenges and the struggles. The exercise for my brain.

And here is a fun fact about myself! When my siblings and I were born, my grandmother would send a ceramic angel to my mother to celebrate each newborn. Boy angels for my brothers and girl angels for my sisters and me. Each angel represented our birth month. Back then, school started in September, after Labor Day. My birthday is in September, so I received a girl angel holding a school book. Not just any school book, mind you, it was a math book. So I think I was always meant to be a math teacher!"


Mathematics Teacher


William & Reed Academy

  • Precalculus Teacher

  • Algebra I Teacher

The Galloway School

  • Early Learning Classroom Teacher

  • Upper Learning Math Teacher

  • Assistant Principal

  • Curriculum Chair

  • SACS Visitation Chair

  • Lunch Coordinator

Private Tutor

  • Worked with students from first through twelfth grades, specializing in math, study skills, and test preparation for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT subject tests, and SSAT


At The Galloway School, I started the girls softball program, coached 8th-grade, JV, and V basketball and tennis teams, served as the assistant coach for swimming, volleyball, and golf, coached the Varsity baseball team, sponsored the Math Team, sponsored the Outreach Club, chaperoned trips to China, Australia, Scotland, Italy, Austria, and Czech Republic, and chaperoned numerous local trips, including theater conferences and the Shakespeare Festival

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